History of Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade and the Burlington Beadles Bespoke Tour by Tony Jackson (Personal Shopper) Restaurant Reviewer to Turningpoint  Lifestyle Magazine Founded by Esther Austin of Esther Austin Global 

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Burlington Arcade is a covered mall of small exclusive shops, many with their original signs, situated between Piccadilly and Old Burlington in the heart of Mayfair, London. What makes Burlington Arcade unique is that here you will find the oldest and smallest police force in the world.

Opened to great acclaim in 1819, Burlington Arcade is one of Britain’s earliest shopping arcades and was built by Lord George Cavendish, later Earl of Burlington, ‘for the sale of jewellery and fancy articles of fashionable demand, for the gratification of the public’. Since then it has been patrolled by the Burlington Beadles who uphold a strict code of conduct dating from Regency times.

Originally recruited by Lord Cavendish from his regiment The Royal Hussars, the Beadles are easy to spot, dressed in their uniform of Victorian frock coats, gold buttons and gold-braided top hats.

This Bespoke tour is tailored around each individual client so that your expectations are truly met. The tour commences at Bond Street and concludes at a luxury Mayfair restaurant where your host will deal with your reservation and also dine with you on the day.. A set lunch menu is included in your price excluding any drinks that you may purchase. We ask that you inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies that you may have at the time of your booking. Please note that we are not liable for any accidents or disasters caused by acts of nature, criminal damage or terrorism. Any cancellation of the tour should be made by either parties within a 24hour period . The tour involves a certain amount of walking and we advise you to seek professional Medical Advice from your Doctor if you have a medical condition that constricts your ability in any way to walk. We hereby declare that we are not liable for your Health & Safety whilst on the tour and advise that you take out your own insurance before commencing on the tour date. Valid from for six months from the date of issue.  Please note we reserve the right to use any photos or video footage of the tour taken on the day to be used on our website or social media platforms.  

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Burlington Arcade Bespoke Tour with Esther Austin of Esther Austin Global 

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